Map to the 2926 Restoration Site

The AT&SF World Headquaters (WHQ) and restoration site is located at:
1833 8th St. NW, Albuquerque (off I-40, south of the interstate).

Lattitude/Longitude: 35 06 12.05 N 106 39 19.07 W

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The 2926 restoration site is a GSA-BIA rail siding adacent to the Sawmill Rail Spur on the BNSF approximately 0.25 mi south of I-40, between 12th Street and 8th Street NW.   Entrance is only at 1833 8th St.  All parking is outside the fence, between sawmill road and the fence.   This is an active spur, so do not park on the rails or near the track.   8th St. stops at Bellamah Ave on the south and I-40 on the north.   The best way in, if you are unfamilar with this area, is to come in from I-40, take the exit for 12th street and get on the southside frontage road (Indian School Rd. on the map).   Remember, the Mountains are east.   Drive east in the right lane until you come to 8th Street.   If you get to the light you have missed the turn, but that's easy to correct:   turn right on 6th and then drive a couple blocks down, turn right again and drive until you find 8th Street.   Once on 8th St., head south away from the Interstate, until you pass Haines St.   The grade crossing is the track near the 2926, which, if you look to the west you will see.

Entrance to the AT&SF 2926 WHQ