Is there fire in her
belly yet? 8/20/2018

2:20 (MP4/OGV)
Cinematographer's cut:
Engine re-rail 6/18/2018

3:47 (MP4/OGV)
Director's cut:
Engine re-rail 6/18/2018

17:44 (MP4/OGV)
Drone's eye view:
Engine re-rail 6/18/2018

6:31 (MP4/OGV)
Drone's eye view:
Engine re-rail 6/18/2018

6:31 (MP4/OGV)
AT&SF Railroad:
Then & Now

22:30 (YouTube)
Getting The Horse
Out Of The Barn

Apr. 15, 2017
3:22 (MP4/OGV)
Returning to the Rails
by David Church

8:45 (MP4/OGV)
Tempus Fugit
(Time Flies)
Dec. 25, 2016

1:35 (MP4/OGV)
Landmark Gets Holiday Makeover
Dec. 22, 2016

0:41 (MP4/OGV)
Back in the Barn
Aug. 13, 2016

2:30 (MP4/OGV)
Engine House Roll-out
Jun. 11, 2016
(Dave Jenkins)

20:38 (MP4/OGV)
Engine House Roll-out
June 11, 2016
(Ron Taylor)

4:03 (MP4/OGV)
New Mexico State Legislature Memorial 100 - Feb. 16, 2016
12:14 (MP4/OGV)
Albuquerque’s Own Steam Locomotive
30:41 (YouTube)
A Big Party for a Big Engine
7:29 (MP4/OGV)
KOB Channel 4 spot 11/14/2015
2:00 (MP4/OGV)
Open House 2015
Time Lapse Photography

2:04 (MP4/OGV)
Open House 2015 Ad
We're havin' a party!

4:23 (MP4/OGV)
KRQE Channel 13 spot 8/8/2015
2:16 (MP4/OGV)
Open House 2014 Ad
4:45 (MP4/OGV)
KOAT Channel 7 spot 02/21/2014
1:54 (MP4/OGV)
Giving our round wheels
A Round House

6:55 (MP4/OGV)
KRQE News 13 Train Day coverage 2013
1:19 (MP4/OGV)
Train Day Tender Move 2013
5:17 (MP4/OGV)
Santa Fe All The Way!
2:42 (YouTube)
The Miracle of a Locomotive
14:05 (YouTube)
The 2926 Story
18:26 (YouTube)
Circa 1940's Video of 2926 in operation
00:12 (MP4/OGV)
Listen to AT&SF 2926's Whistle!
00:56 (MP4/OGV)
Moving 510,150 lbs. can get tuff.
00:41 (MP4/OGV)
Removing rust by Needle-Scaling.
00:15 (MP4/OGV)
The Auto-Oiler Valve.
00:16 (MP4/OGV)
Testing one of the Steam-driven Air compressors.
00:03 (MP4/OGV)
Exercise for our Gal.
01:13 (MP4/OGV)
Burglary July 16, 2012.
01:18 (MP4/OGV)
Time-lapse Video: Jun '07 Work Sessions.
01:18 (MP4/OGV)
Time-lapse Video: Open House 2007.
01:27 (MP4/OGV)
Is there fire in her belly yet?   (movie 2:20).

Monday August 20, 2018 The New Mexico Steam Locomotive and Railroad Historical Society fired-up the boiler of the AT&SF 2926 steam locomotive for the first time since the early 1950s.  Over the next two days tests and inspections were performed as the boiler was gradually pressurized to 260 pounds per square inch.   The Federal Railway Administration inspector was in attendance.   The steam was used to clean out the inside of the rebuilt boiler taking away decades of grit and dirt from the three miles of steel boiler tubing and passage ways inside the locomotive.   The fire was killed on the morning of Wednesday August 22 and the public invited to tour the still warm locomotive as guests of the NMSL&RHS.   Hundreds visited along with local and national media interested in this story.